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Above the line and below the line Advertising

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Marketing management; It is not just about existing digitally, managing your image or making sales. At the same time, it is not just being in the traditional and not being in the digital. It should be addressed in a 360 way and cumulative growth should be aimed.

Modyo TV - Vaga TV

Let us be the face and strategy of your brand in metro, metrobus, marmaray and airports.

Billboard Ads

It is important to create brand recall, especially in certain locations.

Let 's do it!

Corporate identity

Do you know what kind of image your brand will leave in mind?


For the long-term image, the backbone of the company's formation and development

Smart brands, grow with MEM's

BTL and ATL dynamics; It will vary depending on your position in the industry and your goal. As a result of long-term planning, it needs to be developed and implemented at certain intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Above the Line and Below the Line Advertising

What we refer to as above the line; “Above The Line” refers to marketing activity in line with the strategy by using external world factors such as TV, radio and digital screens to create brand awareness.

What we call below the line; “Below The Line” includes service details such as brochures, flyers, catalog designs and corporate identity designs.

What we call “Through The Linet”; It is the type of marketing that determines that both ATL and BTL marketing should work integratedly. It is the general summary of 360 management.

In the case of Istanbul; On these screens, which receive 5 million or more views per day, you can broadcast annually, monthly or weekly and adapt this to your strategy.

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Mem’s Creative; It is a digital advertising agency that is closely interested in moving your brand to digital and strengthening what exists digitally.

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