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360 Advertising Management

  • Digital Transformation
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Performance marketing or 360 advertising management; It means learning all the details of the business, finding the target audience that will fit these details and actively selling.

Meta Ads - Google Ads

The biggest duo in the performance field

Web & Mobil Analytics

Interpreting data is the essence of the job

Let's do it!

Criteo, Tiktok Ads, snapchat, rtb house, linkedn

For those who want detailed remarketing

Programmatic Ads

To those who say they will have a monopoly in this sector

Smart brands, grow with MEM's

Let’s determine the performance marketing dynamics together. Don’t waste your time

Frequently Asked Questions About 360 Advertising Management

Advertising platform; It should be based on a system where your target audience spends more time and has more shopping habits. A friend of mine is selling like crazy from Google, so he cannot choose a platform to invest in.

Monthly spending amount will vary depending on the size of your audience. Also, do you want cumulative growth or are you in a hurry? These factors are important. Generally, once the average target audience size is determined, we spend an average amount in the first month. At the end of the first month, we will have a budget that we will need to spend starting from the second month.

You can sew clothes, why buy them from the store? The answer to this is actually that simple. While anyone can achieve advertising, what we actually do is to analyze the data behind it professionally rather than advertising.

This issue has been talked about a lot lately. When everyone adopts a term, its use increases. 5 years ago, no one was talking about roas that much. Obsessively following ROAS may cause the value you produce to be disrupted. But if we want something average, it should not be below 3.5 nowadays (depending on who and what 🙂 )

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Mem’s Creative; It is a digital advertising agency that is closely interested in moving your brand to digital and strengthening what exists digitally.

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