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Video Production

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To promote our services or products; Especially lately, the healthiest way is in the field of video and photography. Providing these services with a certain professionalism and in line with the company’s image will bring success in the medium and long term.

Promotion film

It is a building that some renew once a year, and some renew every 5 years. It is recommended every year for companies whose brand communication is variable. It is much more efficient and professional than a service PDF. Perfect for corporate agreements.


We can only explain the new generation video production by showing an example 🙂

Let 's do it!

Reels Production and Photo Shooting

We said that social media would not be possible without video. You can only create reels suitable for this with people you agree with. The communication agreement is the first priority. It is impossible not to mention the importance of photography in product-based details.

Drone Çekimi

Sırf drone çekimi yaptık demek için yapılmaması gereken bir hizmet. İlgili lokasyonu daha rahat ve net ifade edebilmek, belli kamera açılarını elde etmek için idealdir.

Smart brands, grow with MEM's

After introducing your company with a promotional film; Let’s produce reels to build your digital identity sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Production

CGI, known as Computer Generated Imagery, is on the agenda of new generation video content production. It should not be late to create content suitable for the brand audience and image.

How many useful reels and photos you extract from a shoot will vary depending on the number of monthly content plans. In structures that are not very dynamic, shooting at least once a month and producing 2-3 usable reels and 4-5 usable photos from that shooting will be sufficient.

A reels video; If it consists of a quick introduction – development – conclusion, considering that the viewing rates are in direct proportion to the speed today, it may be necessary to give the main idea in the first 10 seconds of the video. Video length varies entirely depending on the idea and concept.

We would like to say camera equipment, lights. But whatever the shooting, the most important detail is that the relevant shooting team is at the same point in terms of communication with you. Once this communication is established, you will encounter the image you want.

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Mem’s Creative; It is a digital advertising agency that is closely interested in moving your brand to digital and strengthening what exists digitally.

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