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Social media management

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Social media management; It covers the production of content according to the target audience of the platform where the relevant institution will exhibit its activities and products and create its digital store.

Meta (instagram, facebook)

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Online Reputation and Crisis Management (Monitoring)

What is being talked about about you in the digital world? And can we reach them at the right time?

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Influencer Marketing

Organic growth favorite of recent years

Linkedn, Youtube, Tiktok, X

Ideal for corporate collaborations

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Social media dynamics are very variable. While in the past we could only achieve success with static designs, now it does not seem possible without video and photographs. Moving forward with a team that follows these dynamics will take your burden off the vertical growth point.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Management

Some brands think that producing content on all platforms will bring profit to their company, even indirectly. For this reason, they share all the content they produce for Instagram on other platforms. However, each platform has its own algorithm and tips. Therefore, this method is not correct and broadcasting on all platforms will incur serious costs. One should not act without calculation. The best way would be to proceed with a guide and conduct a cost analysis.

It is not right to tell a social media expert to manage our ads and no sales are coming. The advertising manager and the social media specialist are separate people.

To give an example through Meta, as a result of our regular meetings as a partner, we take the averages according to sectors, write content suitable for the algorithm and experiment until we find the perfect result. It will vary depending on the audience and industry. If you do not get professional support, you will have to find it through a long process by trial and error.

Like the number of monthly posts, the number of stories varies depending on the industry and your target audience. Again, let us state that you should consume at least 1-2 per day.

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